Season 5 Episode 14: Why Microsoft’s Shelby Grieve thinks managers should be measured by a lot more than how many donuts they bring in for the team

In December 2020, I was invited to host three live Learning podcasts at last year’s HR Innovation and Tech Fest (#HRTechFest), a week-long event hosted in Sydney, Australia by Hannover Fairs; I’d previously attended as an in-person delegate, and loved the energy and vibrancy of the Antipodean L&D community I interacted with, so I was more than happy to help out when asked (and can’t wait for it to go back to being real-world again later this year!).

You may have caught my previous excellent Tech Fest conversation with Air New Zealand’s Dr Sydney Savion—and this is the perfect follow-up: Director of Manager/Leader Capabilities, Worldwide Learning at Microsoft, Shelby Grieve. A progressive, results-oriented leader with nearly 25 years of experience building and managing high performing, cross-functional teams, as well as building impactful, highly scaled global programs, Shelby has proven leadership skills and is a 2018 recipient of Microsoft’s prestigious Circle of Excellence award, and at Platinum Level. And former Basketball champ and coach! Our conversation ranges across a range of really interesting L&D issues, shaped by her experience at a Microsoft actively moving to the famous shift from ‘know-it-all’ to a ‘learn-it-all’ culture demanded by LFG’s favourite CEO, Satya Nadella, as well as:

  • what 18 months of structured modelling, coaching and caring tuition for managers is achieving
  • how ‘model, coach and care’ capability is genuinely a performance metric now
  • and what she and her team do when it isn’t happening enough
  • Microsoft’s new rule of three (personal impact, how much you helped others succeed, and how well you leveraged the work of others)
  • a very different picture of virtual corporate training looks like
  • good tools to help you
  • what Microsoft is doing to get ready for the imminent hybrid workplace
  • and much more.


Connect with Shelby on LinkedIn here

A good press article on Microsoft’s exploration of growth mindset thinking and ‘model, coach and care’ in practice is here

Find out more about what’s planned for HR Innovation & Tech Fest’s upcoming November 2021 conference here, where Australia’s most exciting and progressive gathering of HR leaders, difference-makers and disruptors celebrate the talent, technology and ideas transforming the future of work; for more on the organizers, go here


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