Episode Details S1 E1 with Lisa Kay Solomon of The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University: You now live on planet VUCA. TrainingZone Version

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Listen, to learn, from well-known author and commentator on Workplace Learning issues Lisa Kay Solomon on:

  • How a part of The Philly Diaspora ended up in Menlo Park
  • Why you can be scared or fascinated by the future – but you can’t ignore it
  • What ‘Outside-In Thinking’ about change would look like – and how it could help your organisation
  • Why CEOs need to drop the PowerPoint and start a meeting with a bit of Bold Wonderment… but not in a Kumbaya Way
  • What a journey from Transactional to Mission Learning is all about
  • Why our minds are coded to remember, not empathise – and how you can exploit that
  • and finally
  • The interesting – and surprising – self-test to find out if you’re a Designer, too.


Resources to help us all learn together: Lisa recommends we look at her main website www.lisakaysolomon.com, but also ‘Just Google me’ – as she has a wealth of content and interviews out there to research. Her books are available from Amazon here:

Find out more about the d.school – more formally, The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University – here, and find out how to take a class or join one of its regular executive workshops here

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