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All of us should be working on this! Chris Pirie gives us some amazingly informative insights through talking to influential global thinkers in our new evolving work space. This podcast is a must listen to those who are interested in growing their business while being mindful of the changes in our exploding technical world.

BonnySoftClop on Apple Podcasts

Great resource for L&D specialists I listen to this vlog while commuting and find it very enriching. This podcast will be interesting for L&D specialists who want to learn from colleagues and find like-minded people among industry practitioners. The episodes motivate me to make new connections and read further about topics mentioned. Great resource for professional development.

Nxc159 on Apple Podcasts

Chris Pirie I love listening to this podcast, and it has certainly been one of the key ingredients that prepared me for this fundamental shift we are now in! Please continue to share your work! As you say, one of the most admirable features of this global crisis is how communities are managing their learning about what to do in the crisis via facebook groups, and how we are learning to be more connected even as we socially disconnect. We need to keep sharing, the news and more importantly the hope!

Katherine Ann Byam, FCCA, MBA, CEO @ Dieple

Chris, thank you. Reading your words brought tremendous comfort and inspiration.

Rima Mutreja

Hi Chris, I read your (fantastic) article in TZ about bringing learning science, tech and human together. I’d love to pick your brain on a project we have to do just that in the post Covid world. Let me know if you have any time in the next few weeks. Cheers from sunny and empty London,

Christophe Mallet 

Chris – I just read your January 6 article called “Why we need a completely new learning and development approach.” Bravo! I found it helpful and refreshing. All my best to you!

Megan E. Mozina, MA, SPP

Hi, Chris – thx for your insightful perspectives yesterday and leading a very interesting conversation w/ Sharron Northern at the Future Workplace Summit. Some valuable take-a-ways for me and I’m sure for many others, too. Best wishes for continued success and good health.

John Patrick Vasturia 

Thanks so much Chris Pirie I thoroughly enjoyed going back to the future and reflecting on what have been the big macro trends Karie and I saw coming (mobile, Gig workers to name just two ) and what we missed like the huge impact of #artifical intelligence in the workplace!! I hope all your listeners enjoy this We sure had fun creating it!

Jeanne C Meister CEO Future Workplace

Thanks Chris! I look forward to listening and learning.  I love this.  I was working on supply chain programs in 2010 so I missed this book. It will be fun to learn what their vision was, what was realized and their thoughts on the future.  Great way to kick off 2020!

Kimberli Jeter Chief Learning and Partnerships Officer at PYXERA Global