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Welcome to Learning Is The New Working – the podcast about the future of Workplace Learning and the people helping us get there.  Below, you can find our catalog of published conversations, links are organized by season, or you can search for Learning Is The New Working and Subscribe to us on your favorite podcast platform for your new bi-weekly set of nourishing learning audio goodness.

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Season One: The Forces at Work

in our first season of the podcast we introduce our thesis on the need for a radically new approach to workplace learning in the face of the disruption and change that is coming fast.

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Season Two: Radical Experiment

In season two we meet an inspiring and eclectic mix of leading edge practitioners and technology vendors from companies such as Visa, Airbnb, Degreed, Axonify, and Linked In. What unifies these individuals is their quest to make the workplace better and move our discipline forward with rapid experimentation..

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Season Three: The Learning Scientists

In Season Three we meet practitioners who are drawing on science based practices to move the L&D profession forward. Data Science, the Social Sciences, Computer Science, and Neuroscience are all rapidly developing fields that offer new insights and tools to help us build a better model for workplace learning. We meet engineers, business leaders and designers who draw on the scientific disciplines and look to adjacent field for inspiration and work on the workplace, deep dive into design thinking, and survey the rapidly expanding landscape of learning technology.

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Season Four: Learning 4 Good

Our fourth season will focus on what we can learn from how Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Social Enterprise, and Community Organizations use learning to build trust and capacity for social good.

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Season Five: The Learning Leaders

In our fifth season will meet learning leaders from industry, academia, and technology who have made significant contributions to workplace learning, EdTech, and talent leadership disciplines.

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Season Six: From What If? To What Now?

Exploring responses to, and resources for, the radical disruption to work and learning caused by the 2020 Covid19 Pandemic .

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We’d like to thank each of our guests for their fascinating insights and their work, and make special shout outs of thanks to each of our season and episode sponsors – please follow links to their websites we are very choosy and they all do great work. A special nod to the great Portland musicians YACHT who provide our intro music, ‘I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler.’ So did we – which is why we want to make the future of the workplace cooler, together.

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If there is one thing that the recent COVID-19 crisis has shown it is that the greatest successes occur through collaborative behaviour. So why has it taken a crisis for this to change? @HRCurator Dave Millner has the answer https://bit.ly/39NCr5B #CoronavirusHR #HR @Exchange_HR

Tomorrow, our new podcast drops and it's just great! It's an exploration of the plight of the workplace adult learner with @mariecini of the Council for Adaptive and Experiential Learning. Check it out!

Just putting the finishing touches to our great catch-up with @CAELnews, where we try and ask the question: just how do you fairly measure decades of in-work achievement against an academic benchmark?

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