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When A Third Of Workers Say They Have Faced A Skills Challenge, Then The Workplace Skills Crisis Really Is Here
In 2012, Harvard and MIT came together to create edX.org, a non-profit …
Remembering ‘The 2020 Workplace’: How Accurate Were Meister and Willyed?
Back in May 2010, the L&D – and wider business community – …
From NGO Driver to Project Manager Thanks to Mobile Phone Based Learning.
As you guys will know, Season 4 of the Learning Futures Group …
Happy New Year From the Learning Is The New Working Podcast Team. We Also Have NEWS!
Xin Nian Kuai Le, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda – and ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! …
Is SMS The Way To Deal With The 24 Minutes Of Learning Time Problem?
Definitely something different on this week’s ‘Learning Is The New Working’ podcast. …
When Online Is The Only Learning Option For Your Whole Country
Tomorrow, the next episode of what we’re kind of calling ‘Season 4’ …
Giving Young Africans Agency: Building The ‘Hustler MBA’
You know that I hate hyperbole… but tomorrow, the next episode of …
What – Dare To Speak Its Name! – Instructional Design Can Still Teach Us
Recently, I sat down with Matt Donovan, Vice President of global learning …
Is Paying To Learn More Effective Than Just Using The Free Stuff?
As we grow into adulthood, and all that wonderful brain plasticity we …

Season One: The Forces at Work

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