Season Ten: Our Favorite Workplace Stories Episodes

This year the LFG Team collaborated with RedThread Research to help them launch a new podcast featuring Co-founders Dani Johnson and Stacia Garr and based on the RedThread research agenda, with the aim of sharing workplace stories that bring their research findings to life. In this season we are sharing some of our favorite episodes and conversations with the LITNW audience. The episodes are from the two collaborative seasons so far and we’ll also get a preview of the third season which launches in October

Season One: The Skills Obsession

Season Two: Integrating Inclusion

Season Three: The Skills Odyssey

You can find the entire catalog including links to the relevant research, annotated transcripts at and of course we’d love for you to subscribe to their podcast.

Over the next few weeks we’ll publish ten  of the best conversations from the three seasons of collaboration with Dani and Stacia on their podcast called Workplace Stories. Conversations are selected for their relevance to the Learning Is The New Working conversation, and you will learn a lot.

You’ll hear from some prior LITNW favorite guests such as Lisa Kay Solomon from Stanford d.School, Rachel Fichter from S&P and Kate Shaw of Airbnb.  You will also hear some new CLO voices such as Rob Lauber from McDonalds, Karen Kocher from Microsoft’s Learning team, Jesse Jackson at CITI Group, and Nuno Congalves at Mars. As well as future of work though leaders like Rob Cross, Greg Pryor. These are people you should know, and from whom we can learn a lot about the future workplace learning.

The Skills Obsession with Lisa Solomon of The Stanford d.School

Integrating Inclusion with Rachel Fichter of S&P Global

The Skills Obsession with Nuno Concalves of Mars Foods

Integrating Inclusion with Jesse Jackson of JP Morgan Chase

The Skills Obsession with Greg Pryor of Workday

More RedThread Rewinds on the way from…

Rob Lauber

Karen Kocher

Rachel Fichter

Rob Cross

Greg Pryor

Kate Shaw


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