Season 10 Episode 5 Integrating Inclusion: When it comes to DEIB it’s light you want, not heat, w/Jesse Jackson, JPMorgan Chase

Sometimes you feel you’re in the eye of the hurricane: so much is happening in terms of our wider society in terms of changing expectations, changing ways of working, changing life choices. Add the potentially explosive compound called ‘Diversity’ into all this, and it can start to feel a little hot in here. But, advises this week’s special guest and DEIB and L&D expert practitioner Jesse Jackson, CLO for JPMorgan Chase with a special focus on the Wall St’s giant’s consumer community banking business: when it comes to getting DEIB right, it’s not heat you want: it’s light. This is a really fascinating chance to find out from a person deep in the midst of all the changes we’re talking about, but also deep in a blue-chip financial services firm that always has to see things in terms of achievable ROI. We’ll let you decide if you agree that’s what Jesse’s achieving: us, we’re hunkering down in the place where it’s always the most interesting… that hurricane’s eye.


Jesse is on LinkedIn here and the organization at which his globally distributed Learning team supports more than 150 thousand employees, the JPMorgan Chase arm of J.P. Morgan, is here.

Jesse strongly recommends this excellent Ted Talk from finance professional Mellody Hobson on the difference between color blindness and color bravery. We couldn’t agree more.

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