Season 10 Episode 2 Integrating Inclusion: creating space for courageous conversations, w/Rachel Fichter, S&PGlobal

Are there three sets of people in Inclusion: the folks doing the ground-level work on DEIB, maybe the researchers way off in the academic stratosphere, and then the people actually affected by these issues on a day-to-day level in the workplace? If so, could we simplify this and remove a layer? If you think that’s a good idea, then listen today to someone who is doing all she can to fuse the first two roles there—Rachel Fichter, a PhD who also works for a Wall St financial analytics firm, S&P Global… but who sees herself in a fascinating new kind of role in HR and analytics: DEIB scholar-practitioner, helping her firm Integrate Inclusion while also diving into the literature on Belonging in the Columbia U stacks. So: quite a woman. And quite a DEIB thinker. You’re going to like this Workplace Story.


Rachel’s main way of connecting with the community is LinkedIn, and she is happy to connect with people interested in her work there.

In our conversation she mentions the work of Dr Cindy Graham of The Brighter Hope Wellness Center, Harvard professor of Leadership and Management Amy Edmunsen,  and we refer to our earlier podcast with Rachel which you can find here.

S&P Global’s website is here.

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