Episode Details S3 E1 With Danish Dhamani of Orai: The Algorithms That Can Help Us Conquer Our Fears

We dialog with young edtech entrepreneur Danish Dhamani, whose Philly-based company, Orai (‘Oral’ + ‘AI’), offers a speech coach on your cell. Dhamani, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, tells us about how he built a business out of his own fear of public speaking including, what it’s like to have done a TED talk that’s had over a million views, the benefits of tech incubators, and other topics that include:

  • his personal journey from Pakistan to Philadelphia via Tanzania – from Mechanical Engineer to speech coach
  • why speaking well in public is very far from being a ‘soft’ skill
  • why developers sit in different kinds of office spaces now
  • how saying ‘um’ can lose you a life (as it were!)
  • more on that biggie, the problem of bias in AI
  • and the precise percentage of smile-degree you need to optimize for.


Follow Danish and his project at the main Orai web site, and on Twitter – and, of course, check out the Orai app (free trial) on either iOS or Android

Danish has got a lot of value out of his exposure to the values of this organization:

Toastmasters International     

And finally, get the full transcript of his famous TED talk here.

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