Season Four: Learning 4 Good

Our fourth season will focus on what we can learn from how Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Social Enterprise, and Community Organizations use learning to build trust and capacity for social good.

In this season you will learn how aid organizations are not immune to the disruption brought by the fourth industrial revolution, explore the forces at work on the 200 Billion International Aid industry, and discover how a new philosophy of local capacity building, shifts in political climate, and new generation of private philanthropists and changing the aid game in radical ways. You will also hear from the people on the ground who are experimenting to help build skills and capacity in under-served populations and using learning technology and design to build relevant skills for social enterprise and humanitarian leadership.

The season will be co-curated and co-hosted with Lutz Ziob former leader of Microsoft 4 Afrika skills program and global business of learning and thought leader.

More thought leaders coming to this season

Coming up we will introduce you to capacity builders such as Chris Proulx from Humentum, The Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s Nicolas Kroger, Tina Boulding from the Disaster Ready and the Cornerstone Foundation, as well as the Chief Learning Officer at The World Bank, Sheila Jagannathan. We’ll also hear more conversations between my co-curator for L4G Lutz Ziob and the great Learning Leaders he’s identifying as driving change across Africa.

Episode 1 With Lutz Ziob and Chris Pirie Details and Resources

Episode 2 With Raj Kumar Details and Resources

Episode 3 With Rob Burnet Details and Resources

Episode 4 With Nick Martin Details and Resources

Episode 5 With Chris Proulx Details and Resources

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