Season 4 Episode 10: Turning Disaster Into Purpose: Cornerstone’s Tina Bolding

In our on-going Learning 4 Good season, we’re working to find out what corporate L&D can learn from the innovative Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Social Enterprises, and Community Organizations using Learning and ed tech to build trust and capacity for social good. This week, dial in for our 50 minutes of great interaction with an online learning platform that partners with NGOs, leading agencies, and experts in humanitarian aid and development to make the best online learning available to anywhere, anytime, for free (and which is supported by the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation). That is, of course,, and we were so happy to get the chance to talk to its Director, Tina Bolding, former Accenture partner-cum-humanitarian sector and Tulsa, OK based leader. In our conversation, we ask about her connections with the Mid-West, as well as:

  • a profile of the 160,000 humanitarian sector Learners who access her organization’s material round the world, as well as how it connects with the wider Cornerstone OnDemand mission and the distinctive services it offers
  • its roots in the Pakistan 2010 Flood crisis and how quickly a new learning portal was spun up to help Save The Children
  • its commitment to multilingualism and how that affects its content creation strategies (hint: collaboration!)
  • the most popular topics sought on the platform
  • the complexities of serving a complex humanitarian ‘market’ – which also hasn’t quit caught up with online learning, in many ways
  • next up on the agenda: boosting accessibility for users with poor Internet access
  • her views on how to make Partnerships really work
  • and much more.


Learn more about and its mission here

If you want to help in either providing content, co-creation funding, translation and other amazing things that could help vulnerable populations, then connect with Tina on LinkedIn here or go to [email protected] info. She’s waiting for your call.

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