Episode Details S1 E3 with Sam Herring from Intrepid Learning: From Wild West Scholar to North West Ed Tech Entrepreneur

Listen, to learn from Sam Herring, CEO & Co-Founder of Seattle-based ed tech leader Intrepid by VitalSource on:

  • How researching the individual stories of Wild West characters shaped a vision for educational tech achievement
  • There really won’t be a Dr Evil with a pinkie in his mouth controlling the Learning software market
  •  Where the $40 billion that got invested in ed tech these past 20 years really went
  • Why not a lot of the ‘thousand ed tech’ flower start-ups will ever probably bloom
  • Why setting up a content library really isn’t all you gotta do to become a good CLO
  • Why small-bore thinking sucks and finally
  • Platform/services, LMS/LXP… is that still the right question if we drop a recession on it all?


Sam would love anyone interested to connect with him and his outfit at its main website here:
Full disclosure: we are honored to remind you that Intrepid is the sponsor of the first season of ‘Learning Is The New Working’ episodes – thanks again!

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