Episode Details S1 E4 with Ludo Fourrage of Nucamp: Why I love The People Who Don’t Finish Our Program

Listen, to learn together, to ex-Microsoft bootcamp business model disruptor Ludo Fourrage, Founder and Chief Product & Learning Officer of Nucamp, on:

  • Let’s make it as expensive and difficult as possible to try and get into the IT industry. Actually, you know something? Let’s not
    In 2016, there were 1.25 million software developer jobs going vacant. That’s a lot of H1Bs, guys
  • ‘Second-tier cities’ and we love them
  • How a business mission became a social mission
  • A community coding approach. What’s one of them?
  • Why the Marine metaphor for the bootcamp experience may have to be dropped now and finally,
  • Why I charge 90% less than the other guys – and am still growing like Gangbusters

Resources to help us all learn together:

Ludo asks anyone interested in what he’s doing to check out Nucamp here – but be clear… he doesn’t mean the RV company of the somewhat similar name. Just so’s you know.

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