Episode Details S1 E5 with Sanchita Sur from Emplay: How Come We Think It’s OK For Sales People To Miss 70% Of Quota?

Listen, to learn from, Sanchita Sur, Founder and CEO of Emplay, the company behind Sales GPS, the only AI-based turn-by-turn Sales Enablement coaching system, on:

• Why so many of even the greatest sales people are just not delivering
• How data-enabled Learning may change that picture
• The 70-20-10 matrix – and how to use it to better track Workplace achievement
• Ways to help better support your Sales team – and why that really DOESN’T mean replace them with machines
• How conversation automation may soon be your new best friend
• and a really useful AI/ML terminology unpack

Sanchita’s bio reflects her significant contribution to the modern Sales Enablement discussion: a significant contributor to the creation of Jenny Dearborn’s landmark Data Driven: How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results, she has over 13 years of experience in enterprise-performance management, process consulting and direct sales.

Prior to founding Emplay, Sanchita worked at KPMG, Cable and Wireless, iGATE, BTS and BlueShield of California in management consulting and account management roles, after training in her native India in Electronics Engineering and Industrial Management.


Sanchita’s company website is here, and her LinkedIn profile here.

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