Episode Details S1 E6 with Chris Pirie from The Learning Futures Group: A Sense Of Crisis, Why Workplace Learning Is In Big Trouble, And What We Can Do About it

In our launch season trailer, listen, to learn, from former Microsoft CLO and now independent Workplace Learning consultant Chris Pirie, CEO & Founder of The Learning Futures Group:

  • Why anyone interested in learning science, the future of workplace learning, the latest smarts for great sales enablement, the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the future of workplace learning and The Rise of The Robots should listen to this new podcast
  • What kind of a brain you have after 108 straight quarters hitting your numbers in Corporate America
  • Why Chief Learning Officers need to start looking at what adjacent disciplines – neuroscience and psychology especially – can offer them if they’re serious about addressing the growing backlash against traditional ways of delivering company staff development
  • How the software we throw at our brains might have changed a lot these past 20 years – but the underlying hardware hasn’t (= can’t)
  • What Microsoft’s Satya Nadella can teach us all
  • Why the NGOs don’t need our ‘help’ on this – in fact, we need theirs
  • and finally
  • How to develop a growth mindset.


Chris Pirie on LinkedIn

Chris’s new company: www.LearningFuturesGroup.com

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