Episode Details S3 E2 With Julian Stodd of Sea Salt Learning: Workplace Culture – Our Common Consensual Delusion?

Julian Stodd is Captain and Founder of innovative independent Workplace Learning company Sea Salt Learning. Physically located on the South Coast of the UK, near the seaside town of Bournemouth, Sea Salt is in fact a ‘ship’ of independent thinkers, practitioners and consultants. Based around the world, Sea Salt offers a range of client services, including helping organizations build their own Learning Architectures. In our conversation, we hear why an organisation that ‘learns from people’ is different from one that ‘does learning to people,’ and other topics that include:

  • why a place for great mountain biking and kayaking is also the best place to come home to, even after 36 weeks per year on the road
  • his personal journey from Archaeology and Material Scientist to researcher into the Neurophysiology of Story-Telling to ‘Pragmatism’
  • the key Sea Salt Learning concept of ‘The Social Age’ and ‘socially dynamic organizations’
  • why trust is becoming more and more critical
  • lessons from the Stonewall Riots & the messages architectural delay in NYC give us
  • and that we may not be living in a time where hard answers are even possible.


Julian is a very frequent blogger, and is committed to sharing the progress of his work and thinking ‘aloud’ here on his Learning Blog. He is also the the author of nine books, which you can find details of here.

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