Episode Details S2 E1 (Part 2) with Kate Shaw of Airbnb: The Accountability is the Learning

We continue to work through the problem of Change in both society and Workplace Learning with the second part of our special Season 2 opener, our two-part debate with Kate Shaw, Director of Learning at Airbnb. We go pretty deep here with Philosophy and Emotion, so be warned! Our topics include:

  • Why it’s kind of b.s. to tell employees we ‘want them to learn’ – when we actually want them to run really smart experiments, and their accountability off them is what they Learned
  • Why even really smart people can be pretty poor at predicting outcomes
  • A useful tool (the Cynefin problem taxonomy) – problems can be simple, complicated, complex or chaotic
  • Conceptual analysis time – what is ‘belonging’? How can we really unpack it? Better – how do we teach it to Airbnb employees so they can create it for us customers?
  • Why you need to be ‘seen’ at work, and why that includes being encouraged to contribute
  • Why D&I thinking is so important – but isn’t a fully developed approach yet
  • Why it’s sometimes OK to get some theoretical ‘wet paint’ on the CEO
  • Nudge economics, moving from noise to behavior change, why Workplace Learning leadership is more about curation and contextualizing than content delivery, a very noisy motorbike, and much more.


Check out Dave Snowden’s work on making sense of complexity at his Cynefin site, here

The internal Airbnb leadership development program is called ‘Amplify’ – here’s a nice case study on it from its tech partner, Degreed*

Kate is working closely with Greg Walton at Stanford and Lauren Aguilar at Fourshay

*Whose Kelly Palmer is also the subject of the next Learning Is The New Working, available on your favored podcast platform 3 July

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