Episode Details S2 E2 with Kelly Palmer of Degreed: Your Marathon Time 10 Years Back Is Not A Fitness Metric For Today

Today, please give a warm welcome to Kelly Palmer, edtech leader Degreed’s official Workplace Futurist, L&D trend thought leader. Kelly, the former Chief Learning Officer at LinkedIn and who is also, of course, co-author of 2018’s widely read Workplace Learning think-piece The Expertise Economy: How the smartest companies use learning to engage, compete, and succeed, is a great interview, taking us on a tour of the Learning horizon that includes:

  • her personal road from studying Literature to Educational Technology to Product Development roles at Sun Microsystems
  • how come she ended up living two blocks from Grace Cathedral
  • why you can’t prove your aerobic fitness with your decade old Marathon PB – so it’s probably time to jailbreak the degree
  • Silicon Valley’s new career realism: they won’t stay for ever – but let’s really try to be so great they’ll one day come back
  • HOW many jobs will go? Really?
  • Talent analytics, the future of the Learning & Development team, why CEOs are getting real interested in what you do – and much more


Kelly’s book (co-written with her colleague, the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Degreed, David Blake):

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