Episode Details S2 E3 With Dr Stella Lee of Paradox Learning: Yeah, All This AI In Your Ed-tech Product… What’s It Really Do?

In a wide-ranging conversation, ‘Learning Is The New Working’ sits down with Dr Stella Lee, a Vancouver-based Digital Learning Strategist, Educator, Writer, Public Speaker, Networker and Canadian ed-tech startup advisor. If you wanted to design a curriculum vitae to produce an expert in Workplace Learning tech and social trends, I honestly don’t see how you’d do better than Stella has – and so it was a great privilege to work with her through key Workplace Learning issues, including:

  • what her career Venn Diagram looks like – and what’s at the ‘sweet spot’ in that busy middle intersection
  • what the specific geography, demographic and cultural factors north of the US border in that big old lovely country up there mean for skills
  • what five generations in the Workplace might soon be looking like
  • what Canadians are doing about it – and what we might do well to keep track of (‘Brave New Work,’ anyone?)
  • the central role in serious AI of ethics and diversity – and why we should be a tad reserved about all the wild claims we hear from ‘AI-Powered’ Learning systems
  • Why we might not really want smart fitness devices, do we really need Big Data in L&D, why we get so stressed about the LMS-LXP debate but everyone in the Third World just uses WhatsApp – and much more.


Stella is a prolific columnist and writer, so look out for her in places like Chief Learning Officer – but we think the easiest place to connect with her is via the website of her consulting firm, Paradox Learning

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