Episode Details S2 E4 with Be Putterman of LinkedIn: At LinkedIn, We Believe In Drinking Our Own Champagne

This week ‘Learning Is The New Working’ meets former Oracle and Tesla Sales Talent Development ninja Ben Putterman, who is now tasked with helping colleagues at LinkedIn understand all about the way we want to work with sales people now. Our very stimulating review of his personal Workplace Learning journey includes great milestones such as:

  • why Oakland rocks!
  • why there’s no such thing as a typical day at LinkedIn – and why that’s good
  • how seriously LinkedIn takes personal branding
  • the co-creation mission; why modern Sales isn’t about proving how great your technology is
  • are we spending too much time and money reassuring CEOs they’re not jerks?
  • what the heck are we doing about training up the solopreneur and the Uber driver, why social selling matters, how to Rock your Profile, and much more.


If you haven’t read it yet, drop what you’re doing and check out Liz Wiseman’s seminal book on how great leaders make everyone smarter, Multipliers.

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