Episode Details S2 E5 with JD Dillon of Axionify: Training Also Has To Be For the 3-Shift Grocery Store Clerk

A big welcome for this episode to influencer JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect at Microlearning leader Axonify and, of course, a well-known L&D community commentator over at LearnGeek. JD’s a super-committed and super-enthusiastic thinker about some key issues in our world, from what fuzzy leadership training really counts for, to what Microlearning should mean for the front-line worker, and in an intense 50 minutes we cover topics that include:

  • why he lives a mile behind Disney in Florida
  • why we’re still in ‘chase’ mode in L&D (and why that may not be so bad)
  • why we need to start focusing on not just the frontline worker, but also the frontline worker manager
  • what his motivation really is: to make sure someone goes home safe today because they read the guidance on how to work that machine right
  • a primer on all things Microlearning,
  • and what it means to go to the Dark Side and work as a vendor, and much more


JD recommends we check out his work and community activity here:

axonify.com his employer.

learngeek.co his community

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