Episode Details S2 E6 with Gordon Trujilo of Visa: How Visa Is Turning Learning Into A Strategic Lever

Today, we sat down to talk with Gordon Trujilo, Head of Learning Enablement at global financial payment platform Visa, where he is also a VP of the Visa University. In our conversation, we drill down pretty deeply into what it’s like to work at that unique place, wich has consciously determined that Learning needs to become a strategic lever that not just staff but also partners and customers need to pull, too. We also enjoyed a free range dialog over such issues as:

  • why he’s based in the stimulating physical but also work and cultural environment of Colorado
  • what it’s like to be an ‘intrapeneur’ in an environment with 1.8 billion account holders
  • why edtech just has to stop being seen as ‘the shiny object in the room’
  • what social broadcasting is and might soon mean for us all as lifelong Learners
  • why ‘reputation as the new certification’ is becoming a reality
  • and why technology will soon be able to tell you why your meetings aren’t working; people are multi-tasking – and we can show you what they’re doing!


Gordon posts and Tweets regularly on all things L&D over at his LinkedIn profile and on Twitter here.

He also recommends checking out an interesting edtech firm called Giide that has chosen to use a different medium for content – audio.

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