Video: The Podcast Keynote London 2020

Recorded at the ExCel center in London in Feb 2020 at The Learning Technology 2020 conference here are some selected moments from our Learning Is The New Working Podcast Keynote. Thanks to session co-presenter David Kelly of the eLearning Guild and to The LTUK2020 team for their hospitality.

Setup: The 200 Billion Dollar L&D Crisis

The context, the back story, and some struggles with PowerPoint.

Episode 1: I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler

In which we learn how technology is changing work in radical ways and why your job just became perhaps one of the most important jobs for the future.

Episode 2: Use What You Have – And You Have A Lot

In which we learn to use the incredible array of technical resources that we have available to us and that less is almost always more in workplace learning.

Episode 3: The Human Superpowers The Robots Will Never Have

In which we remember that our learners are human and when we remember that technology is best when it serves a noble purpose.

Episode 3: The Human Superpower The Robots Will Never Have