Season 5 Episode 2 With Karie Willyerd and Jeanne Meister: Social Media? Don’t Mention It – It’ll Never Happen At This Company’: ‘The 2020 Workplace’ Ten Years On

This week we mark the tenth anniversary of landmark L&D manifestoThe 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today with its co-authors, analyst at Future Workplace Jeanne C. Meister and Visa CLO Karie Willyerd. With glittering CVs at Fortune 100 organisations, corporate Universities, major IT companies and consultancies, as well as many other engagements, the guys were happy to work with complex diaries and recording tech co-ordination to share their insights on everything from:

  • their respective bases San Francisco/Colorado (Karie) and New York City/upstate (Jeanne)
  • the original writing journey for ‘Workplace,’ which began back in 2008
  • the insights you get from working both as an L&D business creator and customer
  • what’s going on with the Corporate University
  • a look back to the book and a very different time – which they started in the context of The Great Recession and the first mention of ‘Millennials’ and which they now see as a wake-up call for Boomers
  • their big miss: Mobile, and the chapter they wanted to include and wished they had on the Democratization of Work
  • what’s next for L&D as we’ve moved from tech enthusiasm to a tech backlash
  • the new normal: AI, ethics, privacy, the law and the future role of the corporation.


Check out Future Workplace at

Jeanne’s most recent book is here, while Karie’s is here.

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