Season 5 Episode 4 With Dr Marie Cini: How CAEL Is Working To Develop A Sustainable Talent Pipeline

This week we go back to that mysterious pre-Pandemic world where we all went outside and met other humans! Remember them days? Sigh. In this case, it’s one of the excellent Workplace Learning humans I had the deep pleasure to meet at last September’s ‘Learning Leaders’ conference in Washington, DC (and after which we’ve named this Season 5 stream of the podcast). That’s Marie A. Cini, Ph.D., who’s the President of Strada Education Network affiliate CAEL (the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning). It’s abundantly clear that corporate-public collaboration on re-skilling and up-skilling will need to play an important role in the aftermath of the Pandemic, and we’ll need new models. The experiments run by CAEL may provide critically useful models.

In our half hour together in that warm, balmy Washington afternoon, Marie was kind enough to explain to me the CAEL history and what’s changing with it now, as well as:

  • Her organization’s new focus on the whole post-secondary education universe, as well as employers and even regional development policymaking teams
  • How places like Pittsburgh and Houston know there aren’t that many steel mills or oil derricks any more for locals, and so are working with her team to not just spot the next careers for residents, but help seed them
  • How CAEL helped McDonald’s develop an app to inform team members of what they could do next if they wanted to, either inside or outside the Golden Arches
  • How she wants to dialog with CLOs like you to better inform her and her colleagues about the adult learner challenges and opportunities in your industry that she needs to know about
  • And much more.


That annual CAEL conference Marie wants to get CLO representation at is scheduled for November – find out more here

Marie asks us to connect up with CAEL over on Twitter (@CAELNews), on LinkedIn (CAEL LinkedIn) and on the organization’s main web site here.

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