Season 5 Episode 7 With EdCast CEO Karl Mehta: In The Age Of Google And Netflix… Why Is It Still So Difficult To Learn? Enter the Knowledge Cloud

In this latest episode of our ‘Learning Leaders’/Season 5 stream of the podcast, I have the privilege of sharing one of the most stimulating conversations I’ve had since starting ‘Learning Is The New Working.’ It’s with a true Workplace Learning giant – global Influencer, serial entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist engineer, former Obama Digital Fellow and one-time public servant Karl Mehta. Gain the benefit of our near-hour of conversation and insights the CEO (or as he jokes, ‘Chief Plumber and Problem Unblocker’!) we uncover with the Founder of what he calls the ‘AI-powered Knowledge Cloud’ that’s EdCast. Karl gives us an overview of a very busy life running not just that company but a bunch of great non-profits like Code for India, as well as:

  • a life journey from growing up in India and adopting an engineering but also an entrepreneurial mindset from very early on
  • the personal reasons behind his comparatively recent move into the $7bn edtech market
  • his conviction that Learning and Working can and should be the same thing
  • a deep dive into the EdCast product story – and why 250,000 Indian IT experts are already on-board with it
  • the story of his time in the White House
  • why soon the L&D department will have to get involved in the learning and training of robot talent
  • why edtech procurement can get so (needlessly) complicated
  • why there can be no digital transformation without workforce transformation
  • is there a specific Indian approach to education, and is it one America wants or not
  • And much more.


The main EdCast website is here

Code for India is here

Check out Karl’s book, Financial Inclusion at the Bottom of the Pyramid, on here

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