Season 6 Episode 7:‘My name is Oscar Trimboli, and I am on a quest to create 100 million Deep Listeners in the world’

This episode, we get a unique perspective from author, mentor and free-thinker Oscar Trimboli, who is 100% all about using what he calls “the gift of Listening.” This conversation also starts a mini-season about Listening on the podcast, incidentally, as I think it’s such an important topic; and as Oscar tells us, we listen at 125 words a minute… but can think at 900.

Essentially, Oscar believes that if we learned to Listen better, we’d be able to see positive change in homes, workplaces and the world itself—and that leadership teams need to focus their attention and their listening on building organisations that have impact and create powerful legacies for the the people they serve, today and, more importantly, for future generations. An Aussie marketing and technology industry veteran, with over 30 years’ experience across general management, sales, marketing and operations for major brands including Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Polycom, Professional Advantage and Vodafone, Oscar now consults with organisations such as AstraZeneca, Google, and Qantas, from his Sydney home base.

Let’s ‘Listen Deeply’ together, then, to Oscar, and it’s a Listen that involves a fascinating mental experiment and some great war stories, and what he has to say about:

  • his quest, which has already touched 1.7 million
  • the many costs of not Listening, from the start of COVID to project failure
  • his definition of Listening, which centers on the willingness to have your mind changed
  • the invisible internal and external distractions that keep us from really Listening (but also, some tools to help!)
  • silence, and its different cultural weights
  • the deep business value of listening beyond the first few words to what hasn’t been said yet
  • some excellent tips on how to make Zoom effective for you and your team
  • and much more.


Connect with Oscar on LinkedIn here

His book, Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words, which we really recommend, on

Take Oscar’s Listening Quiz yourself!

Make sure you check out Evelyn Glennie’s amazing TED talk, ’How to truly listen,’ on YouTube

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