Season 4 Episode 5: The Beauty That Comes From Constraint with Chris Proulx From Humentum

Wherein we sit down with Chris Proulx at Humentum, the global membership association providing training, convening, and support. Working towards social good by helping non-profits and NGO by helping organizations manage compliance and risk, juggling finances, designing programs and helping people perform at their best, Humentum is a long-time supporter of The Learning Futures Group, and we were delighted to sign them up as the official sponsor for this run of episodes. As global director for member engagement and learning at Humentum, Chris is responsible for leading the global convening, learning, and conferences activities for the organization, focused on helping members derive the most value out of their involvement with the group and their engagement with the membership community; previously the CEO of eCornell for ten years, he’s superbly placed to offer informed comment on a range of Workplace Learning issues, including:

  • why he’s based in Ithaca, NY
  • what he learned trying to create a pro-profit business out of an Ivy League
  • what it’s like to work in an environment with permanently-constrained budget goals
  • his work in trying to get a common financial reporting standard for his sector
  • the central role of Workplace Training in what Humentum’s trying to achieve (at least 50% of focus, from certification creation to course development to a ‘Learning-as-a-Service’ offering)
  • the strange link between really high levels of engagement and really tight Learning circumstances
  • the importance of ‘use what you have’
  • why the metaphor of ‘moving’ Training from A to B maybe isn’t really enough any more
  • and much more.


Chris recommends you keep up with Humentum on its social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn, its main website, and Facebook. He also finds it useful to keep up with developments in the sector from the updates and resources at one of our previous Learning 4 Good guests, Raj Kumar and his Devex NGO sector news and jobs service. He also asks us to check out the work of Digital Green.

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