Season 4 Episode 8: We’re All Human. But Are We All Actually Humanitarians? HLA Director Nicolas Kroeger

Recorded in Late 2019 and one in our on-going Learning 4 Good stream – on the podcast we are trying to find out what corporate L&D can learn from the way NGOs, private social enterprises, and community organizations are using Learning/ed tech to build trust and capacity. In this, our eighth such encounter, we’re hearing from someone right on the nexus of where international development meets humanitarian aid and so perfectly placed to enlighten us about all of these major issues. That’s the Director of The Humanitarian Leadership Academy, which was set up to empower local responses to crises – Nicolas Kroeger. A French-German national who’s raising a family in London after many years of field assignments in places such as Zimbabwe, Tajikistan, Sudan and Timor-Leste, in our near-hour of conversation Nicolas outlines the HLA mission and its specific relationship with Save The Children, then helps us better understand:

  • the Academy’s main offerings – Kaya, a digital learning platform accessed by over 115,000 Learners in 190 countries, and HPass, its standards and certification offering for aid professionals and practitioners, as well as a fast-growing consultancy practice;
  • how development and aid are starting to interact in really interesting and new ways;
  • its key resources, including its thought-provoking ‘You Cannot Argue With A Flood’ immersive 360-degree educational movie (which we highly recommend you check out);
  • its work with Paolo Alto’s Institute for the Future on trying to spot the patterns in global affairs it needs to be on top of
  • the importance of data and learning from its wealth of experience to do just that;
  • and much more.


Nicolas asks us to check out the Academy’s main website here to keep up to date with its achievements

  • read more about Kaya and HPass here
  • watch the ‘Flood’ movie here
  • and find out more about The Institute for the Future here.

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