Season 8 Episode 2 : Fall In Love With The Problem, Not Your Solution

Here’s a question that’s fascinated me my entire professional life: How might technology change the future of Learning and Work? But actually, as I finally figured out only a couple of years back, the more important is WHY technology change the future of Learning and Work.

That insight is what eventually led me to set up both The Learning Futures Group and this podcast, which has now hit over 50 episodes in just over a year. And what I’ve Learned in that journey is what I am starting to try and feed back to you guys in this special season of the podcast, which is where I am trying to ‘Connect The Dots’ and map out some provisional findings from my conversations with CLOs, edtech pioneers, Learning Scientists and thinkers out there.

In this second episode in the run, I return to what sparked my personal journey—the arrival of Microsoft’s third CEO into my life—as well as relevant soundbites from just a few of the great people we’ve met so far. So, welcome (or welcome back) to ‘Season Eight:’ with an overall theme of ‘Connecting The Dots,’ our aim is to move slightly away from our interview format to a more ‘radio feature’ audio style, where we are pulling together insights gained from all of our conversations and research to scope out what L&D needs to do to catch up with Our New Normal, starting with:

  • another stimulating clip from super-inspirational MS’s Satya Nadella on why he led the charge to move from a ‘Know-it-all’ to a ‘Learn-it-all’ culture (and why that freaked me out!)
  • what some of our podcast guests are worried about
  • a scary look into a workless world, which is already here for a big part of young Humanity (hint: William Gibson—The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed)
  • and much more.


Here is a list of all the sound clips, related videos, and audio interview excerpts in today’s show:

Third party experts:

  • Satya Nadella courtesy of Stanford Business School visiting speaker series.
  • Silicon Valley Serial Entrepreneur and startup expert Uri Levine .
  • Martin Ford Author and researcher on the fourth industrial revolution.

Sound clips from the following LITNW episodes, across multiple thematic seasons:

  • Season Five Episode Five with Simon Brown Chief Learning Officer at Novartis
  • Season One Episode One with Lisa K Solomon Designer in Residence at The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford
  • Season Four Episode Three with Rob Burnet of Kenya’s Well Told Tale
  • Season Two Episode One with Airbnbn Chief Learning Officer Kate Shaw

Books Name-checked/cited:

  • Also, it never hurts to check out what the great guys over at the Stanford D.School are currently saying.

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